Grilling Bacon

Grilling Bacon
Bacon Flowchart

Bacon Flowchart

Let’s say you’ve decided to have bacon, say, through the use of the incredibly accurate algorithm to the right. Grilling bacon is always a great idea. Here is why:

  • Your oven doesn’t get greasy
  • Your stovetop doesn’t get greasy
  • Your microwave doesn’t get greasy
  • There are usually flames there are barely controllable
  • It smells awesome but doesn’t linger

Never grilled bacon before? Intimidated by being awesome? No worries. Here’s how to get started.

The Equipment

While a propane grill is acceptable in this scenario, a charcoal grill is preferable. The flavor added in this case is really incredible. On the other hand it’s bacon so you know… it’ll probably be awesome anyway.

  • Grill, preferably charcoal
  • Tongs
  • Plate w/ Paper Towel
  • Spray Bottle (for fires. They’ll happen. Also beer works.)
  • Bacon. Any bacon. Thicker = better

The Execution

Heat up the grill, and toss the bacon in the freezer for a few minutes. You’ll want it to be very cold when it hits the hot grates. When everything is prepared, follow these steps to success.

  1. Identify the hot and cool spots on the grill. You’ll want to flash the bacon on a hot spot to start the process, render and cook on a cool spot, and return to the hot spot for the finale.
  2. Sacrifice a strip of bacon and grease up the grate. This won’t prevent all sticking, but it will help.
  3. Lay the strips of bacon at a 45 degree angle to the grates. This will help prevent them from falling into the grill. A note on safety here: be ready for flareups and handle them with your spray bottle. Or sacrificial beer.
  4. Cook the bacon strips over the hot spot until they start to shrivel up, and then flip with your tongs and move to a cool spot to crisp up. Cooking time will vary greatly, so just hang out and keep an eye on them. Build suspense by enjoying the wonderful scent of cured pig and fire.
  5. For the finish, darken the bacon over the hot spot one more time. It should be dark rust colored, the fat should be rendered, and it should be crispy but pliable.
  6. Remove the bacon from the grill and put it on the plate you’ve prepared. Enjoy!

This method will produce solid results consistently. To spice things up, try adding brown sugar or maple syrup to the bacon at different stages in the cooking process. This is definitely worth experimentation; as these flavors and textures play very nicely together.

Not enough bacon for you? Try the bacon explosion.

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