How to Grill Salmon

How to Grill Salmon

There are a lot of fish lovers out there who love to throw some salmon on the grill during cookouts when everyone else is opting for hamburgers, steaks and chicken. Why choose salmon? Simply put, it’s a great change of pace with a distinctive and wonderful taste that goes excellently on the grill. Salmon is a good choice for grilling because compared to other fish, it has a higher fat content that protects it from drying out like some other types of fish would.

Here are some general tips to get you started:

  • Choosing the right filet is very important! About an inch of thickness is preferred, as it will allow you to cook it properly without burning the outside.
  • What you do with the skin is up to you. You can remove it if you prefer before cooking, or leave it on. You may prefer to remove it if you wish to season the salmon before grilling!
  • Use a marinade of your choice if you prefer, but not for too long! If you let your salmon marinade for fifteen minutes or more, the salmon will start to break down and become mushier.

Getting the Grill Ready

When you heat up your grill, you probably want it a bit over medium, but not quite high. You may be tempted to use aluminum foil to wrap up the rack of the grill, but it isn’t really necessary, as salmon is not going to be a type of fish that will fall through the grill.

If you do use aluminum foil, you will want to use a light amount of oil. The same goes for the grill rack or basket if you forego the use of aluminum foil, which you can.

Grilling Instructions for Salmon

You will want to grill the fish for about 8 to 10 minutes, and while this happens you should keep a close eye on your salmon. You definitely do not want flames rising up and touching it, for instance. Also, make sure that you turn the salmon over once during that time span, to ensure proper cooking.

You can use a fork to turn over the salmon if you prefer, but avoid puncturing the salmon over and over, as that will only dry it out in the long run. Instead, flip it over carefully without punching any holes in it whenever possible!

Salmon is not a particularly difficult food to grill, especially among the different types of fish that people tend to grill. While it may require a bit more attention than some regularly grilled foods, you certainly do not need to be a professional of any sort to grill up a tasty piece of salmon for dinner.

If you prefer to add your own touch to your grilled salmon, use a sauce of your making or someone else’s creation. There are a lot of recipes online for sauces that you can use, for instance, so try a few to help you find which is your favorite, or just to change it up from your normal preference!

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