How to Grill Corn

How to Grill Corn

Vegetables often get left out of the discussion when grilling out in the nice, warm months comes up. People are often justifiably focused on their steaks, burgers, chicken and fish, which makes them forget all about supplementing those great dishes with some tasty grilled vegetables. Along with grilled asparagus stalks, grilled corn is a big favorite for cookouts, because of the ease of preparation and wonderful taste. Here is a quick guide on how to grill corn successfully the next time that you fire up the grill.

Preparing Your Corn for the Grill

One of the biggest keys to grilling any type of food, including corn, is the preparation of the food. Before the corn is even placed on the grill, there are a few steps that you should take to ensure that everything goes as well as you would hope. First of all, do not peel off all of the husks; you want a couple of layers for protection while the corn is on the grill.

Then, you will probably want to soak the cobs of corn in cold water for awhile, perhaps about 15 minutes or so. You will be glad that you did this extra step, as it will help to provide necessary moisture for when you cook the corn! Of course, shake off any extra water when you are ready to put the corn on the grill. Then, brush the corn kernels with olive oil or butter before placing the husks back over the kernels, and you are ready to grill!

Grilling Corn the Right Way

You will want your grill to be at about medium heat for the purpose of grilling corn. While you are grilling your corn, make sure to rotate it to ensure that you don’t give too much time to any one side. You will turn it a few times, then place it away from the flames on one of the sides of the grill, and close the cover to let the corn slowly cook.

It will need to cook like this for about fifteen minutes. You will be ready to take the corn off the grill when juice shoots out of the kernels when they are pressed. If you cook the corn too long, it will become mushy, which you definitely do not want!

When you remove the corn from the grill, you will simply want to carefully hold it with some sort of protection for your hand (such as an oven mitt) and peel away the husks. Then, rinse off the grilled corn, and you are ready to serve it up with some butter!

Grilling corn does not have to be difficult. It is just like anything else; if you know the right way to do it, the process itself is actually quite simple. With these tips and instructions in mind, you are more than ready to serve some grilled corn at your next cookout as a delicious side item to go with grilled steak, chicken or fish!

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