Smoked Eggs

Smoked Eggs

I didn’t set out to make smoked eggs today but I was bored and just about the only non-questionable food left in the fridge were eggs. Other options included very old ice cream, very old chicken nuggets, a Tupperware container full of a substance I dare not throw away for fear of it becoming sentient and taking its revenge, or Miller Lite, which I just happen prefer cold.

Back to the eggs… but what can I say? They were from Central Market. Previously from chickens. Presumably hens. Just a guess.

To be honest there was not a lot of strategy here. It was pretty much to put the eggs on and then to see what happened.

The aforementioned eggs…

The finished product, after about two hours on the smoker.

It’s a hard boiled egg with a hint of smokey goodness!

I was actually surprised that I enjoyed the eggs; they might even make a decent addition to some potato salad as the secret ingredient that ties everything together.