Cayenne and Ancho Brisket

Cayenne and Ancho Brisket

BBQ Brisket with a Chile Kick

This Sunday we decided to smoke a brisket – so far my favorite thing to barbecue – and have a little fun with it. The plan was to get it smoking early in the morning with a spicy rub and tear into it for dinner with some fresh tortillas and smoked and sauteed vegetables. Plan executed to near perfection.

(So well executed in fact that none of us bothered to take any pictures of the “after” because we were way too busy eating!)

This was the setup:

  1. Trimmed the fat on the brisket to 1/4″
  2. Threw together a quick rub (ancho, cayenne, paprika, salt, brown sugar, garlic)
  3. Got the smoker going with charcoal and soaked cherry wood
  4. Threw the brisket on – fat side up – until the internal hit 160° (about 6 hrs)
  5. Wrapped the brisket in tinfoil – fat side still up – until the internal hit 190° (2.5 hrs)
  6. Added some jalapenos and red peppers
  7. Removed brisket. Let it rest.
  8. Prepped the remaining vegetable support (texas sweet onions, jalapenos, peppers)
  9. Sliced everything up and enjoyed on a fresh tortilla…
  10. (Forgot to take pics due to hunger and excitement)



This was a bit of an experiment in smoking the brisket directly on the grates vs in a drip pan for the main haul. In the drip pan seemed juicier for sure, but more testing will need to be conducted. Perhaps we’ll go for a double brisket next Sunday…