Camping Grill – Best for the Occasion


Summer is right around the corner. Being a winter person, I sometimes wish I could hibernate through the warm months. This being said, there are a few extracurricular activities and outdoor events that help redeem the season. As you might have guessed, grilling is involved with all of them.

Below are a few of my favorite summer activities plus the perfect grill for the occasion:

When: Camping / Hiking / Fishing / River Float Trips

Why: Because Jeremiah Johnson would be proud.

The Grill: Grilliput Compact Stainless Steel Outdoor Camp Grill

Dimensions: 11in Length / 2.2cm Width

This grill is compact, lightweight, resistant and collapsible which is great for a day-trip or a week in the bush. After installation the Grilliput offers 9” x 10” of grill space – leaving plenty of space to grill up your choice of camping cuisine. The device is made of stainless steel, is dishwasher safe and includes a scraping groove to remove char. The foldable grill breaks down to fit into a tiny solid tube.

Some Accessories: Grilliput Compact Outdoor Charcoal Fire Bowl

Pick your brand of outdoor activities, summer may not be my personal favorite however there isn’t anything much better than sitting around the grill after a long day.